Zhu Xiaoqin Honored as a National “Public Servant People Like”

  • Release date:2022-09-05  15:13
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  • The commendation conference for “Public Servants People Like” and “Groups of Public Servants People Like” was held in Beijing not long ago. Zhu Xiaoqin, a public servant from Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Haiyan, won the honor “A Public Servant People Like”. She is the second public servant wining such an honor in Haiyan. The first one is Wang Jinliang.

    As a member of the Communist Party of China, Zhu Xiaoqin, born in 1970s, has been engaged in preventing and controlling plant pests and diseases for farmers for 28 years. Just like an experienced “doctor of paddy fields”, she has been working for the production of grains and now is affectionately called “Aunt of Preventing Pests” for her efforts to help farmers catch and control plant pests. Knowing farmers’ work is arduous, she has always helped farmers with their problems.

    How to reduce farm chemicals and meanwhile prevent plant pests effectively? She has been thinking it over. For more than 20 years, she has led her work team in sci-tech research and finally made technological breakthroughs such as “Reducing farm chemicals, controlling pests and increasing profits of paddy fields”. In 2007, farm chemicals were used in the paddy field nine times a year, but after her efforts, they are now used only twice a year on average. Her achievements have been highly praised by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and have been used nationwide.

    She won such honors as “National Model Worker” , “Model Worker of Zhejiang” and “Most Beautiful Public Servant of Zhejiang.” As to those honors, she often says, “Work is done by all, so the honor belongs to all. I am just a common worker of all.”

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