Public Services Reformed in Haiyan to Promote Common Prosperity

  • Release date:2022-09-05  10:30
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  • In recent years, Haiyan has deepened the public service reform of “one-window acceptance and integrated services”,vigorously extended integrated services to grassroots units and moved such public services to the service center of each town (sub-district) as public transportation, citizen cards and TV, and the supplies of water, electricity and gas for people’s convenience and more effective settlement of their difficulties and problems.

    The reform of integrating public services has received people’s wide praises. It is more convenient and effective to provide public services at the service window “Integrated Service Window” for the people.

    Nowadays, this reform has been implemented in the public service centers of all nine towns (sub-districts) of Haiyan. The services on water and electricity supplies and TV are now available in seven towns (sub-districts), and the staff responsible for the services on the citizen card, public transport and gas supplies are being trained. It is expected that those services will be integrated into the “Integrated Service Window” this autumn.

    Providing high-quality public services for the people is indispensable common prosperity, and sharing quality public services is also a major and difficult point in promoting common prosperity. Integrating public services is an important step for the county to promote common prosperity for it cuts the cost and improve the quality of public services. Guided by the reform of streamlining administration, delegating power, improving regulation and upgrading service and driven by digital transform, the county will take pressures as driving forces, continue to boost the reform of integrating public services in the days to come to provide integrated public services at one service window and make enterprises and people more accessible to public services.

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