Citizens’ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in Haiyan

  • Release date:2022-09-28  10:45
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  • Cool autumn is full of fragrance of flowers. During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday this year, Haiyan’s scenic areas and spots became citizens’ first tourist destinations for their various wonderful activities in celebration of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

    On the first day of the holiday, a series of Mid-Autumn Festival activities were organized in Ganpu town, attracting a large number of tourists.

    On the morning, tourists started off by “sightseeing train” from the east gate of the South-north Lake Scenic Area to enjoy clear lakes and green mountains, indulging themselves in the beautiful autumn scenery. Now in this scenic area, thee are two mini sightseeing trains each with a passenger capability of 40 tourists. What’s more, the train travels to Beilihu Wetland Park, where tourists can enjoy a special landscape of the wetland park.

    A parent-child lantern making activity was organized in this scenic area. 20 groups of families cooperated with each other to make lanterns. Children were greatly happy to see the exquisite and beautiful lanterns they made by themselves. In the days ahead, this scenic area will organize such activities as hiking, night tours along rivers and around lakes,and night fairs for the oncoming national day, etc., to enrich people’s holiday life.

    In Sanmao Paradise, many children with their parents came to row boats by hand, drive bumper cars, enjoy sky wheels, etc. In addition, a parent-child “flea market” was organized in this paradise, where toys, reading materials, etc. were exhibited and sold, attracting so many visitors.

    With the continuous improvement of parks and entertainment facilities, local tourist attractions have tended to be more attractive and become citizens’ ideal tour destinations in holidays. In Menghu Park, many citizens with their children abandoned themselves to natural and cultural landscapes near the lake, on the mountain, etc.

    In the fine weather, many citizens chose to stay away from urban hustle and bustle and walked to the beautiful countryside to experience pastoral charming scenery for entertainment and relaxation. In the “motion sensing” pasture of Jinxing Village, cute deer, alpacas, ponies, etc. were running at will on the green lawn. Many citizens came to “clock in” to have a “zero-distance” interaction with those animals. On the lawn, citizens’ picnics looked more yummy and tasty against rising smokes and fires. They indulged themselves in picnicking, camping and lawn-based concerts, which was a fine, poetic and idyllic tour for them. Leaves swayed in the gentle autumn wind; more than 20 special stalls lined the street neatly with numerous commodities for sale such as handmade fans, antique jewelry, etc., in Jinxing. “There are so many wonderful activities; our kids love them; the items on display are exquisite,” said Li Yi, a local citizen.

    This village organized such colorful tour activities as camping, barbecuing, “clocking in”, traditional fairs, etc. under the premise of normal epidemic prevention and control measures to create a favorable environment for citizens to enjoy a healthy and happy holiday in the beautiful countryside in crisp fall days.

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