Grape Culture Festival Held to Support Farmers’ Common Prosperity

  • Release date:2022-09-17  15:08
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  • Several days ago, Haiyan Grape Culture Festival 2022 & Festival of Yucheng Grape Picking opened, during which the LOGO and IP of Haiyan Grape were issued.

    As a token of the brand and quality of Haiyan Grape, the LOGO integrates geographical, cultural and green elements of Haiyan Grape; and IP is designed as a pair of “grape babies”, demonstrating the happy and sweet life originating from the development of local grape industry.

    In August 2021, Haiyan Grape was identified an agricultural product of the national geographical indication. Since this June, Haiyan Grape has been included into the protection project of the agricultural products of the national geographical indication. To increase farmers’ incomes through the agricultural products of the geographical indication has become an important direction of Haiyan Grape.

    In recent years, the county has intensified efforts to take a green and high-quality development road of the grape industry with “special varieties of grape, digitized production, high-quality and famous brand-based development” as the target. From 2020 to 2021, the county has implemented “Million-yuan-benefit Demonstration Project” and “Haiyan Grape-based Common Prosperity Project”. Now the grape industry has become a leading driving force to enrich local farmers.

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