Hejia Village Constructed Based on Five-star Standards

  • Release date:2022-09-16  10:36
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  • “Happy commune” enriches villagers’ spiritual life; characteristic industries build a road toward common prosperity; environmental improvement makes the village tidy and neat; community governance satisfies all villagers; good manners serve as villagers’ heart-to-heart bridge. With a developed road network, Hejia Village of Haiyan is now beautiful and happy. Based on the standards of “Five Stars”, this village has been constructed into a beautiful picture with prosperous industries, beautiful environment, fine tradition, safe social environment and rich people.

    The star of Party building: Party building leads development and Party members serve as good examples.

    On the wall of the “Happy Commune” of Hejia Village, there is a map showing the village has four service grids and 77 Party member households. The village has established an integrated service system “village-grid-Party member household-villager group-villager” and a Wechat “E Matrix” that realizes the rapid transfer of information of serving the people.

    Party member households take the lead in participating in the volunteer service in the Covid-19 control to ensure all coming from middle and high-risk regions observe the regulations against the covid-19. Party members are responsible for villagers and villagers take Party members as examples. Building a happy Hejia is a target of all villagers.

    The star of prosperity: exploring economic development patterns to strive for common prosperity.

    In recent years, Hejia Village has taken developing and strengthening collective economy as its most important task. The income of its collective economy rose from 800,000 yuan in 2016 to 2.18 million yuan in 2021 and now Hejia has become a strong and rich village. Since 2017, the village has implemented the plan of “transforming development patterns to increase outputs and incomes” and the strategy of strengthening the brand of agricultural products. Now its four major products have increased villagers’ incomes tremendously: honey pear, saffron, glossy ganoderma and grape.

    The star of beautiful environment: the village takes on a new look and boasts of many a scenic spot.

    Since 2022, the village has improved rural environment vigorously, stipulated an environment convention made up of “four strict measures” and “eight-no and eight-yes points” for garbage sorting, won the “Red Flag” award in the supervision and examination of environment improvement in the whole county for the seventh consecutive year, organized a county-level on-the-spot meeting of the garbage sorting, and won such honors as a province-level demonstration village of garbage sorting, province-level health village, province-level characteristic village and a county with province-level advanced rural communities.

    In order to beautify its environment, this village intensified efforts to improve the shop signs and intersections in the first half of 2019 so that its profile has been improved greatly. In 2020 the village began to reclaim the garbage, and built 14 scenic spots in 2021, one park, four parking spaces and one fitness center, and improved 1.2-kilometer rural roads. In 2022, solar lamps were fixed for the village’s roads towards villagers’ happy life.

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