The Fifth Good Neighbor Festival Opens in Beidang Community

  • Release date:2022-09-13  10:34
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  • In Chuxin Park of Beidang Community, cool ice powders, fragrant skewers, delicious milk tea, etc. are sold. Crowds of people stream in to attend the opening of the 5th Good Neighbor Festival of Beidang Community. This community has organized night markets and concerts in the park, and hundreds of residents are attracted to enjoy sweet music and beautiful melodies, in response to which they laugh and applaud. In the pleasant evening breeze, residents enjoy foods, stroll for relaxation in the night market and chat at ease with each other about the stories of the neighborhood.

    The Good Neighbor Festival will last for two months, during which a series of activities will be held such as military training for juveniles, lectures on common prosperity, exhibitions of intangible cultures in culture auditoriums, public sports training and “Our Festival·Mid-Autumn Festival”. In addition, “Most Beautiful Volunteers” and “Happy Family” will be selected to set good examples for citizens to follow.

    Those activities will help to narrow the distance between communities and strengthen friendship and cohesion of communities to attract more residents to participate in the construction of harmonious communities. In the future, this community will continue to provide various services to create a happier living environment for its residents.

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