New Technologies Adopted in Wenxiwu to Achieve the Zero Direct Discharge of Sewage

  • Release date:2022-08-09  15:17
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  • In order to carry out the construction plan of the “zones of zero direct discharge of sewage”, Haiyan has made overall efforts. As a demonstration village of the zero direct discharge of sewage, Wenxiwu started to construct the village of the zero direct discharge of sewage in March 2022.

    With brick roads, bridge railings made of red tiles and poems printed on the outside walls of farmers’ houses, Wenxiwu is a scenic spot characteristic of the south regions of the Yangtze River Delta and part of the beautiful countryside construction. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Its narrow roads are not suitable to construct sewage discharge facilities, so its domestic sewage is collected through vacuum drainage systems of negative pressures to achieve the zero direct discharge of sewage, which can well protect local natural features and serenity. Compared with the drainage pipes of gravity drainage systems, those of vacuum drainage systems of negative pressures are thin, light and airtight, so they can be laid in a shallower place underground and can not be easily influenced by terrains, and the sewage and its stinks in the pipes will not go out.

    The area as the sewage disposal terminal in Wenxiwu has been further expanded and decorated with trees and grasses, and now it looks like a pocket park. The technique of “AAO+artificial wetland+deodorization+ultraviolet lamp sterilization” has been applied in this terminal, whose tail water is used to water plants and irrigate farmlands. The online control system and touch screens have been fixed to and bulletin boards set up for the terminal. More over, the county has intensified efforts to lay the pipes for sewage and rainwater respectively and collect the sewage coming from washing machines, etc. to build Wenxiwu into a tourist attraction free from direct discharge of sewage.

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