Pavilion of Haiyan Set up for Cultural Industry Expo 2022 of Jiaxing

  • Release date:2022-08-30  10:28
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  • With the theme of “Colorful Jiaxing · Agreeable Culture”, Cultural Industry Expo 2022 of Jiaxing opened at Jiaxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. Twenty-two pavilions were set up by such cities as Jiaxing, Ningbo, Huzhou and Lishui for this Expo. Themed by “Culturally Rich Haiyan Marching towards Common Prosperity and Bright Future” , the pavilion set by Haiyan exhibited local long history and splendid culture in various aspects.

    With the name of “Culturally Rich Pavilion of Haiyan”, the pavilion of Haiyan is divided into three sections: “Reading Enriches Life”, “Art Lights up Countryside” and “Industry Promotes Development”.

    In the first section such works since time immemorial are exhibited as “Compilation of Annals of Ganshui”, cartoons by Sanmao, “Haiyan since 222 B.C.” and works composed by Yu Hua, a famous writer of Haiyan.

    Focusing on the cultural and artistic village of Zhujiamen, the second section demonstrates local artists’ calligraphy and paintings. In addition, a cultural interaction zone is set for visitors to experience how to boil tea according to the method of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and how to make rubbings of the cultural imprints of Haiyan, a city with more than 1,000 years’ history.

    The third section mainly exhibits Haiyan’s vigorous economic progress and glorious culture like the industrial development of High-speed Railway City and Seaside New City, and the landmark cultural landscape Scale Seawall.

    The interaction zone attracted a large number of visitors. Six enterprises of Haiyan were invited to display silk fabrics, embroidery products, metal handicraft, etc. in the pavilion of Haiyan. Yu Hua and Feng Lin were appointed as Haiyan’s culture ambassador and civilization ambassador respectively to publicize Haiyan. “Culture Haiyan ‘410’ Action of the New Era” has been launched so that a large number of culture projects have been attracted to Haiyan, culture activities have been organized and local culture industries have obtained remarkable development.

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