“Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance” Award of Zhejiang Presented to Rolling Lantern of Haiyan

  • Release date:2022-08-29  10:28
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  • Sponsored by Department of Culture and Tourism of Zhejiang and organized by Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Zhejiang, the traditional dance (lantern dance) performance and evaluation activities of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance” 2020 concluded several days ago, and selected “Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Award”, “Excellent Performance Award” and “Excellent Organization Award”. Rolling Lantern of Haiyan won the “Intangible Culture Heritage Inheritance Award”, and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Haiyan won the “Excellent Organization Award”.

    Themed by “Inheriting Intangible Cultural Heritage to Light up Future”, the activities are organized to put into effect the concept of “integrating intangible culture heritage inheritance into present society and making traditional culture beautify life”. 12 award-winning programs are all national and provincial intangible culture heritages of traditional lantern and lamp dances, and are also the best lantern and lamp dances of Zhejiang.

    Haiyan’s award-winning program “Lantern Dance Qinxiong” was jointly composed by Culture Center of Qinshan (a sub-district) and Culture Hall of Xinlian (a village). Based on traditional competition skills of rolling lanterns, this program uses 90-centimeter-diameter and 120-centimeter-diameter rolling lanterns with LED wicks for performances, and fully demonstrates the charm of rolling lanterns of Haiyan and happy life of local people. Dressing up as warriors, the dancers of the performing team sometimes rose to the sky, sometimes turned around swiftly, and sometimes threw lanterns to other performers in a neat, vivid and powerful way in response to the rhythmic beats of drums. Six-minute performances fully demonstrated local people’s keeping pace with the times and striving for a better life as well as the rolling lanterns’ historical development, artistic value and unique charm.

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