The 8th Azalea Award Conferred on “Haiyan Saozi”

  • Release date:2022-08-24  22:45
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  • Hosted by Zhejiang Federation of Arts and Zhejiang Folk Literature and Art Association and organized by Ningbo Literary Federation and Beilun District People’s Government, the award ceremony of the “Azalea Award” of the 8th Zhejiang Folk Art was held in Beilun several days ago.

    The “Haiyan Saozi” jointly composed by Hu Yongliang, an expert of Tongyuan’s folk culture, and Pu Yunfeng, an expert from Intangible Cultural Heritage Center of Haiyan won the "Azalea Award" as an academic work of folk literature and art.

    Focusing on folk customs, dialects, slangs, literature, art, history, etc, Haiyan Saozi is a large-scale family sacrifice activity originating from ancient sorcery cultures. In 2005, it was included in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage list of Zhejiang. The book “Haiyan Saozi” is made up of six chapters, 17 subchapters, 48 items and four appendixes, and it makes a comprehensive and in-depth introduction of sacrificial ceremonies, artistic features, inheritors, artists, present situations and culture value of Haiyan Saozi and will play a positive role in inheriting and developing Haiyan Saozi.

    "Azalea Award" is the most important award of the folk literature and art of Zhejiang and till now its award ceremony has been organized for the eighth consecutive year. This year's awards were conferred on 30 works composed in 2020 and 2021, including five folk literature works, five folk literature academic works, five folk art performance works and 15 folk art and craft works. Those works fully demonstrate the achievements made in 2020 and 2021 in folk literature and art.

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