Haiyan's First Town-level Common Prosperity Demonstration Project Launched

  • Release date:2022-08-23  22:44
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  • Haiyan Economic Development Zone recently launched the Group-based Common Prosperity Demonstration Project 2022. It is the first town-level common prosperity demonstration project of Haiyan and a new development mode that state-owned companies cooperate with villages to promote the development of advantageous industries and the increase of the income of village-level collective economy.

    At the signing ceremony, the representatives of five group-based projects signed cooperation contracts with Haiyan Economic Development Zone. Those five projects are the Standard Plant (Phase I) of Amphenol in Europe (Germany) Industrial Park, Yongyi Standard Plant(Phase II) of Amphenol in High-quality Foreign Capital Agglomeration Park, Plant (Phase I) of West Zone of International Park, customized Plant of Cooper and Turner and Standard Plant of DOMO.

    This group-based demonstration project is a new road jointly explored by Haiyan Economic Development Zone and each village (community) to develop real economy. It is to make the best of villages’ existing assets and strengthen the cooperation between state-owned companies and villages. After the operation of the project, the average annual recurrent income of the collective economy of 11 village-level economic cooperatives will increase by 700,000 yuan, an increase of over 25% year on year. In the future, Haiyan Economic Development Zone will step up efforts in innovation, economic development and common prosperity to give play to the role of collective assets, push ahead with the investment and cooperation with each village and increase collectives and individuals’ incomes to promote social and economic high-quality development.

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