First Neighbor Festival Held in Haiyan

  • Release date:2022-08-22  22:43
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  • Not long ago, Haiyan held the launching ceremony of the First Neighbor Festival & Modern Community·Secretaries’ Speeches".

    The launching ceremony announced the neighborhood harmony initiative of modern communities, issued “Ten Regulations” for the representatives of villagers and residents to perform duties, honored the most beautiful community workers, volunteers and neighbors as well as the most excellent community social organizations, neighborhood service projects, Regulations of Villages and Regulations of Community Residents and put into operation the neighborhood map of Haiyan, fully demonstrating the joint construction and governance of communities under the guidance of the Party building.

    This neighborhood harmony initiative calls on villagers and residents to strive to serve as the promoters of neighborhood harmony, liaisons of neighborhood communication, volunteers of mutual assistance, defenders of good neighborhood relations, participants of neighborhood activities, and constructors of modern communities and beautiful life.

    The "Ten Regulations” requires the representatives of villagers and residents to perform their duties such as observing disciplines and laws, obeying arrangements and commands, following the rules of their duties, making frequent visits to the villagers and residents they serve, etc.

    Themed by “learning from each other”, “strengthening neighborhood friendship”, "helping each other”, “enjoying happy neighbourhood life” and “participating in the contests of neighbourhood”, this Neighbor Festival will fully demonstrate the achievements made in urban and rural community governance, joint efforts in common prosperity and excellent performances of community workers and create a favorable atmosphere for the public to support urban and rural community construction. The Festival will last till the end of this year, according to the reporter.

    In the activities of “Modern Community·Secretaries’ Speeches", the Party secretaries from six communities delivered short speeches on “Harmonious relationships of neighbourhood & common prosperity of modern communities” and on the construction of modern communities. Those Party secretaries come from the revolutionary community, vigorous community, quality community, intelligent community, safe community and culturally rich community.

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