Haiyan Ranks Fifth in County-level Rural Per Capita Disposable Incomes

  • Release date:2022-08-02  15:16
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  • Several days ago, Zhongjun County-Level Economy Institute, a social think tank specializing in county-level economy and county-level development research and consultation, issued “Monitoring Report on Rural Per Capita Disposable Incomes at the County Level 2021”, releasing the list of top 100 counties and county-level cities in terms of rural per capita disposable incomes. Haiyan ranks 5th in China and 2nd in Jiaxing. In recent years, the county has attached great importance to agricultural and rural development, rural revitalization and the development of characteristic agricultural industries, improved farmers’ ability in increasing incomes, expanded farmers’ channels to increase incomes and consolidated the foundation of common prosperity.

    Data showed that in 2021, the per capita disposable incomes of Haiyan’s rural residents reached 44,486 yuan, up by 10.3% year on year, and the income ratio between urban and rural residents declined to 1.62:1.

    Family-based farms have become a new engine for increasing farmers’ incomes, and green development has invigorated beautiful environment-based economy and rural areas. Farmers have got rich. In Fengyi Scenic Area in Tongyuan, there is a large pink sea of attractive flowers. Walking up the steps around the Moon Lake, visitors can overlook the whole village, whose houses are characterized by white walls and black tiles and which is as beautiful as a picture.

    In recent years, Fengyi Village has been built into a scenic area based on its natural, historical and cultural resources to develop sightseeing agriculture. In this scenic area, there is the Moon Lake and steps towards the mountains. The village-level collective economic incomes has remarkably increased by attracting and incubating projects. The village has guided villagers to participate in the management of the scenic area through self-management or serve as share holders, and explored how to upgrade villagers’ vacant houses to B&Bs. In 2021, this scenic area received 498,000 tourists and earned a total tourism income of 20.615 million yuan, and the village-level collective economic incomes reached two million yuan.

    There are many cases across Haiyan about industrial development bringing prosperity to rural areas and farmers. The county has accelerated efforts in breeding prawns in the paddy field, and the harvest of rice and prawns have been both achieved. Wanghai, a sub-district of Haiyan, has given play to the role of “Pig Planet” and implored the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and the integration of agriculture, cultural tourism and new retail. In 2021, the incomes of the village-level collective economy of the county reached 368 million yuan; the collective regular incomes of each village reached more than 1.5 million yuan; and the operational incomes of each village totaled more than 500,000 yuan...

    Rural revitalization is indispensable to common prosperity. The county will implement the three-year action of high-quality rural revitalization in all aspects, put into practice General Secretary Xi Jinping’s requirements that Haiyan should set good examples in terms of the Party building, collective economy development and new countryside construction, focus on rural construction, industrial development, rural reform, public services and rural governance, speed up the building of the future rural model belt in the south of the county and the demonstration belt of characteristic industries in the north, promote the high-quality development of local agriculture and rural areas to increase farmers’ disposable incomes, enhance their senses of gain, happiness and security, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of the demonstration model of common prosperity.

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