Haiyan’s Rural Tourism Company Identified as a Candidate of "Operation Teams of Rural Tourism" of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2022-08-18  22:41
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  • With the theme of "Tourism-driven Common Prosperity and Joint Efforts to Benefit People”, High-quality Development Conference for Rural Tourism of Zhejiang was held not long ago in Suichang, a county-level city of Zhejiang. The Conference released the first candidates of "operation teams of rural tourism" of Zhejiang, and Haiyan’s Lvyexianzong Rural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was among the candidates.

    With the market-based operation and management as the philosophy, General Supply and Marketing Cooperatives of Haiyan established this company in April 2020 to build a professional operation team for rural cultural tourism, and explore the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism.

    In recent years, this company has intensified efforts to develop rural tourism and promote rural revitalization and common prosperity, and built village-based and diverse tourism brands such as “Qicai Jinxing”, “Fengyixunqu”, “Xueshuichunzao”, etc. realizing personalized development of each scenic village.

    Based on the theme of “countryside + festival", the company has issued the characteristic rural tourism product "Lvyexianzong", planned more than 50 special activities such as Rural Tours during Festivals, Happy Rural Spring Festival, First Contest of Rural Singers, Life on the Lawn in Jinxing, etc., which has attracted a large number of tourists from the Yangtze River Delta region.

    This company has worked closely with towns and sub-districts of Haiyan to implement “Plan of Helping Farmers Get Rich by Developing Tourism”, benefiting about 100 rural families in a targeted way. By developing tourism, this company creates more than 300 jobs for the old of rural areas every year and has recycled “sleeping resources” like idle farmland and houses to attract such business entities as Muxinju, Aiwenhua Industrial Park, Juanxiaoran Garden, Guicao Coffee, etc., to enrich local rural tourism forms. Up to now, more than 40 business modes serving rural consumption have been introduced. This company has made the best of rural culture elements like Rolling Lantern of Haiyan, kitchen pictures and local culture to develop cultural innovative products like “Early Autumn”, “Fengshan Stone Picture” and “Natural Classroom”, which has changed intangible culture resources into tangible tourism experience projects.

    Based on existing operation and management, tourism markets and marketing resources, this company will intensify efforts in the future to develop featured tourism products and smart tourism, cultivate new rural consumption industries and expand the channels of increasing incomes to transform beautiful countryside into beautiful environment-based economy as soon as possible.

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