Remarkable Progress Made in Haiyan’s Comprehensive Power

  • Release date:2022-08-16  22:40
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  • Several days ago, County-level Economic Research Center of CCID released “Top 100 Counties of China 2022” and “Top 100 Counties of the Yangtze River Delta 2022”. Haiyan ranked the 87th and 45th respectively. What is more, Haiyan is four places higher in the “Top 100 Counties of China 2022” this year in comparison with 2021.

    “Top 100 Counties of China 2022” was realized by CCID based on the research of 1,864 county-level administrative regions in China. The research index system contains 23,165 data of 24 indicators in four fields and eight dimensions

    Haiyan’s entrance to "Top 100 Counties" is the result of the continuous rise of local comprehensive power.

    The data show that in 2021, Haiyan’s GDP reached 62.156 billion yuan, an increase of 8.3% year on year; the industrial output value of the industries above the designated size reached 123.053 billion yuan, an increase of 18.3% year on year; the per capital disposable incomes of urban and rural residents totaled 72,239 yuan and 44,486 yuan respectively, up by 9.4 % and 10.3 %.

    In 2021, the county continued to step up efforts to attract projects from large and leading enterprises. It attracted 13 major projects from the world top 500 enterprises and the leading enterprises of the international industry or the investment of each attracted project totaled USD 100 million; the actual utilization of foreign capital reached USD 270 million, taking the lead in Jiaxing in reaching the target set; one more company went public; three were identified as the enterprises of “Little Giants”; the value added of the service sector grew by 10.3% year on year, ranking first in growth rate in Jiaxing; foreign trade exports totaled 22 billion yuan and increased by 47%, ranking first in growth rate in Jiaxing. The county achieved a good start in implementing the “14th Five-Year Plan”. A large number of major projects were attracted to Haiyan such as AP Hydrogen Energy and the polymer lithium-ion battery project of Guanyu Battery Co., Ltd.

    Also, the county strengthened urban and rural construction, and its urban and rural environment was improved continuously. Last year, a number of roads were upgraded or put into operation such as the dead-end Lenggang Road and other roads like Baichi Road and Haixing Road; the organic renewal of many urban communities in bad conditions were completed, benefiting and satisfying the people remarkably. "The problems in parking have been settled partially; and upgraded living quarters have beautified our life and environment,” commented Wang Xiu’e, a resident of the living quarter Xincheng Garden. Now the construction of some major projects is being accelerated such as that of Tianxian Lake Park and Historical and Cultural Center of Haiyan; Sunac Water Park has been put into operation; Haiyan has been identified as a province-level 4A scenic city.

    In addition, the county worked hard to improve people’s livelihood, achieve common prosperity and enhance people's sense of happiness and fulfillment. In 2021, the fiscal expenditure on education, health and culture issues hit a record high; the county achieved steady progress in social undertakings; the first phase of the nuclear energy-based heating demonstration project was put into operation, making Haiyan the "first city" in South China in using nuclear energy for heating; such projects were put into use as the south teaching spot of Haiyan Experimental Primary School, the first phase of Sanmao Kindergarten and new Women's Hospital of Haiyan; the construction of the main structure of new People's Hospital of Haiyan was completed; the county was honored as a provincial health promotion county; with the best performances in Zhejiang, the county was built into one of Zhejiang Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Areas (the fourth batch).

    Nowadays, the county has made essential progress in preschool education, basic education, medical service, elderly service and people’s livelihood. Local people feel happy in various aspects and more and more people are enjoying high-quality development achievements. The county has implemented strict measures to prevent and control covid-19 and great progress has been achieved. Haiyan’s overall intellectual governance and control index of the Party building ranked first at the county level in Jiaxing in 2021, and ranked the first for the 17th consecutive year in creating a secure environment.

    This year, the county has intensified efforts to promote investment projects, improve work style, strengthen reform and innovation and implement “seven major actions” to “ensure steady progress and improve quality, eliminate risks, and shape new changes", writing a new chapter for building Haiyan into a model county of common prosperity in the new era.

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