Qinglian Future Pasture Included into “Future Farms” of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2022-08-12  22:39
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  • Several days ago, Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang released the first “future farms” of Zhejiang, and Qinglian Future Pasture is on the list.

    Jiaxing Qinglian Breeding Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. In recent years, Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. has implemented the strategy of "Digital Zhejiang" and engaged itself in high-quality food production based on digital technologies. This company has established a “digital cockpit”, and removed the bottleneck that a pig farm can only raise one million pigs at most every year in a traditional way. Cooperating with Zhejiang University in digital breeding, the quality rate of pig breeding has increased by 25%, taking the lead in the breeding industry. The company has decreased the number of the pigs raising workers of every 100,000 pigs from 250 ones to 35 ones by using mobile APPs, etc.

    “Future Farm is an "upgraded" version of digital agricultural factories. Based on its future pasture, this company will build digital factories, and has built one core database and four application scenarios-“Cloud Pasture”, “Digital Factory”, "Circulation System" and "User System" based on the app “Digital Qinglian & Future Factory”, removed the data barriers existing in the pig breeding industrial chain and realized the target that “products’ order is played in the Yangtze River Delta Region can be executed on the day of the order, and the ordered products can be delivered to purchasers next day". 91% of its products are sold fresh and its market prediction can be realized six months in advance. Its intelligent full industrial chain has come into being with the characteristics of “germplasm R&D, smart breeding, green ecology, standard slaughter, cold chain transportation, intensive processing, digital sales, brand-driven development and integration of animal husbandry and tourism".

    In the future, Haiyan county will intensify efforts to support and provide more production factors for "future farms” and guide the constructors of the “future farms” to increase benefits, strengthen competitiveness and take the lead in developing new industrial types to promote farmers’ common prosperity and realize production factors’ intensive use, intelligent production, high-efficiency management, multifunctional and diverse development.

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