Xueshuigang Identified as a Future Village of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2022-07-07  09:13
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  • Several days ago, the first list of modern basic units of common prosperity of Zhejiang was released. The list includes 28 future communities, 36 future villages and 17 models of urban and rural landscapes. Xueshuigang, a village, is included into the list as a future village, becoming one of the first future villages of Zhejiang. Now this village is intensifying efforts in the future industry, future landscape, future culture, future neighborhood, future health, future low carbon, future transportation, future wisdom and future governance, and all projects concerning the construction of the future village is under construction.

    In recent years, this village has introduced many agricultural tourism projects each with a total investment of more than 10 million yuan such as Beishanbei Farm, Jiaxing Ronghe Agricultural Sci-tech Park and Huawei Water-saving Irrigation project. The village has built a cluster zone for agriculture tourism and entertainment integrating revolutionary education, sightseeing, farming culture experiences and parent-child activities. It has been built into a characteristic beautiful and happy village through the exhibition of the Party building elements, “three demonstrations” and the construction of the new countryside. In 2021, the tourists to the village totaled more than 210,000; its collective economic income totaled 1,576,100 yuan; its regular incomes 2,456,900 yuan and per capita incomes 43,900 yuan.

    It is building a green, low-carbon and ecologically livable future village. Near the tourist service center, a photovoltaic parking lot is being constructed and is expected to be put into use by the end of this June. The village has upgraded all firewood-fueled traditional stoves to e-stoves. With the operation of smart street lamps and photovoltaic street lamps, boardwalks, corridors and charging piles, green and clean energy has been widely used in industries, transportation, etc. In July 2021, Haiyan’s first “power station based on three-color maps of carbon portrait” was put into use in this village, which helps electricity consumers reduce carbon emissions as many as possible. At present, the photovoltaic installed capacity of this village reaches 16 megawatts, generating about 17.28 million kilowatt-hour electricity every year and reducing carbon emissions by 16,600 tons.

    As part of the future village, Neighborhood Center is under rapid construction as well. In addition, the construction of 14 projects have been completed, such as Healthy E Station, Smart Sorting of Wastes, Photovoltaic Boardwalk, Ronghe Smart Agriculture.

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