Various Measures Made in Haiyan to Improve Urban and Rural Landscapes

  • Release date:2022-07-04  09:06
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  • Since the beginning of the year, Haiyan has focused on the construction of the models of future communities, future villages and rural and urban landscapes and on the construction of beautiful urban areas, and has established sound work mechanisms. Steady progress has been achieved.

    Based on Qinwan Aloe Cooperative, Beituan, a village of Haiyan, has built a comprehensive mode of the Party building in recent years: supports to starting up businesses + model base of agricultural industrialization + agricultural tours + experience of the Party spirit education. This cooperative has realized the transfer of about 66.7 hectares of farmland and attracted more than 400 farmers to participate. With its help, local farmers’ per capita net incomes have risen to 40,000 yuan in 2021 from 8,000 yuan in 2005.

    Relying on nuclear energy, hydrogen energy, wind energy and photovoltaic energy, the county has summed up the experience of nuclear heat supplies, formulated relevant regulations, explored the technological standards of gas-hydrogen mixed supply pipes and striven to sum up carbon reduction experience to achieve green development. Up to now, the areas of nuclear power-based heat supplies have totaled 460,000 square meters, benefiting about 4,000 households and reducing carbon emissions by about 10,000 tons, sulfur dioxide 289 tons and nitrogen oxides 145 tons.

    Several days ago, the county held a meeting on urban and rural environment improvement and a media activity, and the reporters from more than a dozen national and provincial media were invited to visit Tongyuan-Qinshan Demonstration Zone of Common Prosperity of the county. They paid a visit to the mountain, river, tea plantation and moon lake and were impressed deeply by the enormous changes and the practice of "Three Demonstrations".

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