Jiaxing’s First Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Exhibition Held in Nuclear Power Sci-Tech Museum in Haiyan

  • Release date:2022-07-31  15:15
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  • Why does carbon affect our earth? How does it relate to our life? What is the meaning of carbon peak, carbon neutrality and carbon cycle? ... Hosted by Association of Science and Technology of Zhejiang and organized by Science and Technology Museum of Zhejiang and Zhejiang Mass Innovation Sci-Techy Research Institute, a sci-tech exhibition themed by “Carbon Cycling and Green Development” kicked off several days ago in the Nuclear Power Sci-Tech Museum in Qinshan. That is Jiaxing’s first carbon peak and carbon neutrality exhibition.

    Focusing on carbon peak, carbon neutrality and green earth, the exhibition consisted of five sections: Overloading Earth and Environment, Carbon Cycling, Analysis of Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality, Green Action to Reshape Future, and My Declaration on Low Carbon. The exhibition helped visitors vividly understand the current situation of the earth and the crisis confronted by human beings, and interpreted the meanings of such terms as the climate critical point, carbon cycling, energy structure and carbon trading by means of exhibition boards, illustrations, flip, scroll, multimedia, etc.

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