Green Development Philosophy Implemented in Haiyan to Support Enterprises’ Development

  • Release date:2022-07-28  15:14
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  • Since the beginning of the year, the county has put into practice the requirements of the provincial and municipal meetings themed by carbon peak and carbon neutralization as well as the theory that lucid water and lush mountains are invaluable assets to push ahead with local green development. The county has made various measures to upgrade major projects by lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions, boost green development, expand and upgrade the county’s industries.

    Focusing on energy conservation and controlling the “reserves of energy conservation projects”. The county has encouraged a number of enterprises to implement their major energy conservation and carbon reduction projects, reserved 38 major energy conservation and carbon reduction projects for 2022, and put them into the database of “carbon efficiency codes” of industrial enterprises. These projects are adjusted every month based on their progress in energy conservation renovation to strengthen green development. The county has established a system to test the energy conservation and carbon reduction in enterprises’ production process and publicize the test results to guide and help enterprises speed up technological upgrading and improve low-carbon operation management systems. In addition, a closed-loop innovative management mechanism has been established for the supervision and sampling of products to strengthen enterprises’ awareness of green and low-carbon development and urge enterprises to make their products conform to environment protection standards.

    Implementing relevant policies to boost industrial intelligent upgrading. In recent years, the county has issued such policies to support the green development of the manufacturing sector as “Suggestions on Accelerating High-quality Development of Haiyan’s Manufacturing Sector” invested more in enterprises’ energy conservation, water conservation, clean production, recycling economy, comprehensive utilization of resources and disposal of waste gases, provided such services for enterprises as energy conservation diagnoses, energy auditing and energy conservation solutions with the help of local experts, colleges and institutes, and actively implemented national tax-reduction and exemption policies on comprehensive utilization of resources to promote enterprises’ green and low-carbon development.

    Establishing efficient systems to support industrial green and high-quality development. The county has established a database for green and low-carbon factories to encourage the enterprises of traditional industries and emerging industries to construct green factories, invested in the research of key technologies and supported enterprises to develop green products and strive to be the enterprises good at green supply chain management. The county has guided enterprises to realize cleaner production by making green designs, using clean energies and raw materials and adopting advanced technologies and equipment and organized enterprises to make water balance testing and strive to be water-conserving enterprises to improve water consumption and advocate water conservation and protect water resources. Up to now, there are two national, two provincial and five municipal green factories, three provincial green enterprises and 29 provincial water-conserving enterprises in Haiyan. 115 enterprises have passed the clean production inspection, and 70 enterprises have participated in the training on energy conservation and carbon reduction in major fields.

    Those measures have helped enterprises obtain great progress in energy conservation and green development.

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