Summer Night Fair Kicks off in South-north Lake Scenic Area

  • Release date:2022-07-26  15:23
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  • Daily life is charming. The Night Fair “South-north Lake·Jingshanli Nightlife” has been put into operation, where citizens can enjoy snacks, music, barbecue, beer, breeze... It is a place full of vitality and passion and ideal for citizens to enjoy the cool in the hot summer.

    At the sunset, summer breezes blows. Decorated with colorful lights, South-north Lake · Jingshanli is full of numerous visitors, vendors, merchandises like man-made fans, and accessories of ancient styles. In addition, attractive art performances can be enjoyed here.

    Delicacies are indispensable to the Night Fair. Visitors are provided with the opportunities to enjoy themselves to those foods. “Just near my home, there is a night fair. It is good for me to have a carefree walk, go shopping and participate in entertainment activities here,” commented Wang Jiewei, a resident in Ganpu.

    The Night Fair is open from 18:00 to 21:00 on Fridays and Saturdays and will last until the end of this July.

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