Xueshuigang, a Low-carbon Village

  • Release date:2022-07-20  15:36
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  • On June 21, “My Beautiful Village--- Xueshuigang"- an outdoor documentary program of the Agricultural and Rural Channel of CCTV made an introduction on how this village upgraded its traditional stoves to e-stoves.

    Focusing on the theme of “Green development, common prosperity and zero-carbon future”, the village has eliminated backward production capacity, optimized energy structures and developed ecologically friendly industries in recent years, and constructed “nine scenarios” such as future villages, low-carbon industries and a replicable model of future villages that are green and aiming at common prosperity.

    As one of the first provincial future villages, it is vigorously promoting the use of clean energies. The village has fixed photovoltaic street lamps and constructed photovoltaic corridors, and is constructing a photovoltaic parking lot. Now the village has 12 charging piles for e-vehicles, which can meet villagers’ partial needs of charging e-vehicles.

    In July 2021, the first electric power station in Haiyan was put into use in this village. It is a “panoramic hall for the portrait on how electricity supports agricultural development”. This three-color portrait is updated regularly. With “carbon index" indicating carbon emissions and  “green index” indicating green energies as the core, the portrait serves as an energy evaluation system for rural areas. Green, yellow and red represent the carbon emissions of energy consumers. Green means that the carbon emission is in a healthy state; yellow means a sub-healthy state, and red means that the energy consumers have to improve their energy consumption. “We support digital energy products to better serve rural revitalization and low-carbon consumers, which is conducive to replacing traditional energies with photovoltaic power, guiding consumers to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions and building zero-carbon villages,” an official said, who is from Haiyan Power Supply Company of the State Grid.

    At present, the photovoltaic installed capacity of this village totals 16 megawatts. The village is intensifying efforts to support more people to use photovoltaic power, according to the reporter.

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