A Lecture to Advocate Courtesy Held in Haiyan

  • Release date:2022-07-18  15:30
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  • Not long ago, a lecture for “Courtesy of Zhejiang·Courtesy of Haiyan” was held to advocate the “Ten-aspect Etiquette of Zhejiang” and encourage all to behave well and create a strong atmosphere of good manners.

    Zhu Yiping, an outstanding person giving etiquette-themed lectures to communities in Zhejiang and a researcher of local literature and history of Haiyan, delivered the lecture “Courtesy of Haiyan” to share his understanding of “Courtesy of Zhejiang·Courtesy of Haiyan”. Song Lifeng, secretary of the General Party Branch of Tengjing Village, told the stories on how this village explored a new model of rural old-age services, and Li Jiawen, a volunteer, told the stories on how he served the elderly living alone. Ji Fuliang, a lecturer, made a speech “Strengthening Our Country and Army to Protect Homelands” to explain the connotations of “respecting”

    “Ten-aspect Etiquette of Zhejiang” is involved in the etiquette on showing respects, learning, helping others, Internet, relatives, behavior, dining, ceremonies, music and faith.

    In order to upgrade the national civilized city to a model of the national civilized city, this county has implemented the action of “Courtesy of Zhejiang·Courtesy of Haiyan” since the beginning of this year. Through strengthening socialist core values and inheriting the excellent traditions on courtesy of this 1,000-year ancient seaside county, the county has carried forward Haiyan Spirit, organized activities to publicize good manners, integrated knowledge into action, and strengthened common prosperity through cultural prosperity to implement the action “Courtesy of Zhejiang”.

    Many measures have been made across the county to promote the “Courtesy of Zhejiang·Courtesy of Haiyan” and encourage the public to publicize good manners and behave themselves and make every one benefit from good manners.

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