Haiyan Fitness Center to Be Constructed

  • Release date:2022-07-15  15:35
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  • The construction of Haiyan Health and Sports Center ( Haiyan Fitness Center) will start in the third season this year. This project is a fitness and sports center, which will enhance the level of the culture and sports facilities of the county, meet sports’ development and people’s fitness needs.

    It is located in the areas extending to Xinqiao Road in the east, Zaoyuan Road in the south, Changning Road in the west and Qingfeng Road in the north. With a planned area of over 67,500 square meters, a total construction area of about 89,000 square meters, and a total investment of over 900 million yuan, the Center is made up of an outdoor 400-meter standard track, an outdoor football field, an indoor swimming pool, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a badminton court, a tennis court, a table tennis court, an indoor sports training hall, a fitness training room and supporting offices for sports and health industries.

    In addition the Center will also serve as a long and wide civil square and an important part of Haiyan Reception Room after its operation.  It will be put into operation by the end of 2025.

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