Integrated Measures Made in Haiyan to Stabilize Foreign Trade

  • Release date:2022-07-15  15:29
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  • Since the beginning of this year, international economic situations have been complex and volatile, and the epidemic cases have appeared frequently and irregularly in the surrounding regions of Haiyan. From June to September, the county has made every effort to carry out a 100-day campaign to stabilize and expand foreign trade and improve services to help foreign trade enterprises cope with difficulties and challenges.

    Several days ago, the opening ceremony of 2022 China Fastener Online Exhibition & Online Export Fair of Haiyan, Zhejiang was held, attracting more than 300 enterprises and the merchants from over 50 countries and regions such as the USA, Italy, Turkey to attend.  As the first activity of the Fair, local exhibitors conducted one-to-one negotiations with overseas buyers through the Internet.  During the period of the Fair, such activities will be organized online as visits to factories and live streaming, and two special exhibitions will be held, one for the markets of the North America this September and the other for those of Japan and South Korea this December.

    As initiators of the Fair, 60 fastener enterprises of Haiyan participated in the Fair, and set up an "Exhibition Zone for Haiyan” at the official website of the Fair to demonstrate the development achievements of local fastener industries. Before the Fair, an online training for the Fair was held to help exhibitors get familiar with the operation process and details of the Fair, improve the exhibition efficiency and promote the execution of foreign trade orders.

    In addition, the county has made every effort to help enterprises expand offline markets. More than 800 enterprises were organized to participate in training programs on foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce and financial policies to help them overcome the negative impact of the epidemic on the foreign trade.

    In order to stabilize the foreign trade, the county has also vigorously cultivated new driving forces of the development of the foreign trade, for instance, supporting new foreign trade subjects, developing cross-border e-commerce and expanding overseas markets in a new way, and spared no effort to promote the early operation of relevant projects.

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