Walks for Fitness Advocated in Haiyan for Low-carbon Life

  • Release date:2022-07-11  15:28
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  • The theme of the National Low-carbon Day this year is “Striving for Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality and Building Beautiful Homelands”. Several days ago, “Walks for Fitness” for the National Low-carbon Day was launched in Haiyan. More than 40 citizens and environmental protection volunteers gathered in the Seaside Park of Haiyan to publicize environment protection in the form of walking.

    They walked northward along the Yanpingtang Greenway to the east end of Haixing Road (E) and then returned to the starting point, covering a distance of 5 kilometers. This activity was jointly organized by Ecological Environment Sub-bureau, Development and Reform Bureau, Economy and Information Bureau, Education Bureau and Women’s Federation of Haiyan and Haiyan Committee of the Communist Youth League of China to promote ecological progress and encourage citizens to behave themselves and live a frugal and low-carbon life.

    This week is National Energy Conservation Publicity Week themed by “Green, Low carbon and Energy Conservation”. A proposal has been made by Ecological Environment Sub-bureau of Haiyan to advocate green and low-carbon philosophy, encourage the public to participate in the advancement of ecological civilization and build an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving society to form a culturally advanced, green and low-carbon way of production and life.

    During this publicity week, the county will hold a series of educational and social activities themed by carbon peak and carbon neutrality, promote energy conservation, popularize carbon reduction knowledge and guide citizens to live a green, energy-saving and low-carbon life and form energy saving consciousness and habits to support energy conservation and carbon reduction and build beautiful homelands with green and low-carbon lifestyle. The aim of this publicity week is to mobilize the public to participate in thematic publicity activities, popularize the knowledge of climate changes, improve people’s awareness of climate changes and low carbon and push the energy saving and carbon reduction to the climax on the National Low-carbon Day this year.

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