Digital Economy as a New Engine in Haiyan to Drive High-quality Development of Industrial Economy

  • Release date:2022-06-06  15:14
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  • Digital economy is an opportunity of the times. Since the beginning of this year, Haiyan has vigorously driven digital industrialization and industrial digitization, promotedthe "No. 1 Project" of digital economyandupgradedenterprises’ production and management to boost the development of digital economy.

    In the intelligent three-dimensional storage workshop of Zhejiang Lianxiang Intelligent Home Co., Ltd., you will see its employeeschecking the purchase and delivery listson the computer of the intelligent storage system.After their clicking "execution" button on the screen, a roll of cloth from the three-dimensional warehouseis sent directly to the production workshop within only 2 minutes.

    This companyisa sec-tech innovation enterprise engaged in R&D, productionandsales. In 2020, the company established an industrial Internet platform with the intelligent storage system as the core to link the salesorder system, manufacturing execution systemandintelligent logistics system to make the company more intelligent. In last October, the company started the construction of“the seamless wall cloth & digital factory project with an annual output of 3.5 million-meter wall cloth”. In the future, such equipment will be fixed as mechanical armsandAGV to intelligentize the production process, and the products will be taken into and out of warehousesintelligently.

    Industrial digitization improvesthe efficiency of production factors’allocation, and digital industrialization is a new driving force for digital economydevelopment. As one of the founders of China's integrated ceiling industry, Zhejiang Youpon Integrated Ceiling Co., Ltd., has accelerated the R&D of intelligent products in recent years. "Tmall Genie, open the device."In a sample bathroom room of the company's showroom, a smart heater named“Warm Cube” switches the operation mode quickly at the sound of the manager’s voice command. This smart product has achieved a rapid growth since it was sold last year.

    At present, the intelligent ceiling appliances of this company haveaccounted for 90% ofitsall products,but in 2008 this proportion was 1%. Intelligent products have become the company’s a new growth point.

    In addition to the smart home industry, the enterprises of other industries have also achievedprogress in intelligent production and digital economy. The county has encouraged enterprises to build “cloud-based platforms”, improvetraditional industries’production efficiency and upgrade low-end manufacturing enterprisesby developing digital economy.

    The county has issued special policies for the digital economy, conducted digital diagnosis ofenterprises, and carried out individualized cultivation ofenterprises to support, guide and promote enterprises to make digital transformation and upgrading. The county has subsidized enterprises for their digital industrialization, industrial digitization, “business brain plusfuture factory”, identification interpretationandinformation security and their efforts in constructing a good ecological environment for the digital economy. In addition, the county has listed those enterprises as the candidates that will receive three-year special subsidies if they play a model role in digitized transformation.

    In 2021, the added value of the core manufacturing industry of the digital economy above the designated size increased by more than 20.3%, and the investment in the core manufacturing industry of the digital economy increased by 22.4%. Led by the major enterprises such as Liangxin Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd., and Amphenol, the digital industry of the county continues to expand in scale and quality, and industrial digitizedtransformation has been accelerated.

    The construction of “industrial brain plus future factory”, portal website and scene application will further boost the higher quality development of local digital economy.

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