A New Culture Square to Be Constructed in Haiyan’s Urban Areas

  • Release date:2022-06-30  09:03
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  • Lengzigangqiao Culture Square is to be constructed in the west of the county seat this July. In the Square, basketball courts, physical fitness centers and some scenic spots will be built and it will become a new ideal place for citizens’ walk and fitness.

    With an area of 8,050 square meters, the Square is located to the south of Chuhai Road and west of Quxiu Road. In the Square the green land, basketball court, fitness center, road, scenic spot, greenway, trestle bridge, culture corridor, restroom, recreational facility and parking lot will be built, where citizens can go for entertainment, education, science, culture and exhibition activities.

    In Wuyuan, efforts have been intensified to construct the parks from the perspectives of the “charm” “spot” “line” “ring” and “entire area” and link various parks. Now in Haiyan the areas of the urban parks reaches 275.56 hectares, and per capita park areas total 17.5 square meters. Citizens can visit gardens and parks within 100-meter walks. Haiyan’s parks are classified into seven multifunctional parks, seven parks for a special purpose, 20 community-based parks and 19 greenway-based parks.

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