One Enterprise and One Project of Haiyan Identified as a Provincial Demonstration Enterprise (Project) in Service-oriented Manufacturing

  • Release date:2022-06-30  09:00
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  • Several days ago, Economy and Information Department of Zhejiang announced the sixth list of provincial demonstration enterprises (platforms, projects) in service-oriented manufacturing. One company and one project of Haiyan are included into the list: the enterprise Zhejiang Mingjia Environment Protection Co., Ltd. and the project the condensate polishing system of ultra-supercritical nuclear power units of Zhejiang Hailiyuan Environment Protection Sci-tech Co., Ltd.

    Located in Wanghai, Zhejiang Mingjia Environment Protection Co., Ltd. is engaged in the cyclic utilization of organic wastes and provides environment protection equipment and service for breeding industries. As a national hi-tech enterprise, a “little giant” and a specialized and sophisticated enterprise producing new and unique products, this company has made its development mode “Internet plus life-cycle management of the environment of breeding industries”, given priority to the R&D, customized service and after-sales services, extended its service chain, innovated value-added services, and provided such services as energy consumption management, remote alarm systems of failures, video surveillance.

    Located in Wuyuan, Zhejiang Hailiyuan Environment Protection Sci-tech Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in technology service and consultation and in the design, research and production of water treatment systems of power plants. Its condensate polishing system of ultra-supercritical units can ensure the water quality and the safe operation of equipment of the thermodynamic system of nuclear power units. This system is featured by advanced technologies, high automation level, stable operation of equipment, good protection of environment and low prices, so it has been widely used in the nuclear power and thermal power projects for condensate polishing.

    The service-oriented manufacturing is a new industrial mode and a new manufacturing mode that well integrates manufacturing into the service, and stands for an important development direction of the advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry.

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