The Talent QR Code Widely Applied in Haiyan to Serve the Talent

  • Release date:2022-06-29  08:58
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  • Since the beginning of the year, Haiyan has made the best of digital technologies to improve the application of the “Talent QR Code” and has issued digital identity certificates to the talent working in Haiyan. Now the digital identity certificate has different functions.

    Not long ago, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Haiyan and local bus companies have issued such a favorable policy: the talent can take a bus free of charge if they scan their Talent QR Code, which meets the requirements of the talent. Now the scanning of the Code is on trial.

    In order to strengthen the sense of belonging and happiness of the talent, the county has allowed the Talent QR Code to be used in many situations, such as clothing, housing, transportation. The talent can scan the Talent QR Code for dining, travelling, cultural services, etc.

    Nowadays, the talent in Haiyan can enjoy the consumption at a discount or free of charge in four starred hotels, two special scenic areas and Xinhua Bookstore through scanning the Talent QR Code, which now can be scanned in 108 scenes such as scenic areas, hotels, restaurants, bookstores. The talent can be identified in a smart way by logging on to the APP of “Government Service of Zhejiang”, clicking “Talent QR Code”, and then filling in relevant forms. After being identified as the talent, they can scan the Code to enjoy favorable policies and services mentioned above.

    What is more, the function “Application for Bonus” has been inserted into the Code and the talent can obtain the bonus or subsidies directly from this code.

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