Grape Industry League of Haiyan Established to Improve “Haiyan Grapes”

  • Release date:2022-06-27  08:56
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  • Recent days has witnessed the establishment of Grape Industry League of Haiyan & the Opening Ceremony of Grapes Picking in Wanghai, a sub-district of Haiyan County. This league will guide grape farmers to follow grape growing standards, serve well the production and sales of grapes and strengthen the influence of local grape brands.

    Guided by the authorities of local agricultural and rural issues, the League is jointly established by grape farmers, cooperatives, agricultural enterprises, financial enterprises and the dealers of grapes and agricultural materials, and will serve as a non-profit social organization. Now it has more than 30 members, such as Huizhong Farm, Shengli Farm.

    In Haiyan a grape industry chain, ranging from seeding supplies to the marketing, has come into being. Nowadays, the planting area of “Haiyan Grapes” has reached more than 1,400 hectares, and over 1,000 farmers work on grape growing. The output value of every 666.7 square meters of farmland reaches 17,000 yuan, taking the lead in Zhejiang. The establishment of the League will further give play to the leading role of cooperatives, family-based farms and grape farmers and promote the standardized production, intensive management and brand-based marketing of grapes.

    Six grape industrial entities have been authorized to use “Haiyan Grape” -a national geographical indication of produce such as Chunyuan Grape Cooperative and Haiyan Jindouli Farm. This national geographical indication will further improve the influence of local grapes.

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