Efforts Intensified in Haiyan to Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Release date:2022-06-24  15:33
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  • Since the beginning of this year, Haiyan county has implemented the innovation-driven strategy, taken the initiative to participate in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the construction of Sci-tech Corridor G60, and intensify efforts in the construction of new innovation platforms, training of innovators and attraction of innovation talent so that the innovation level of the whole county has been further improved. Now the county ranks the 35th in innovation in China, and its sci-tech index reaches 178.2, ranking eighth and second respectively in Zhejiang province and Jiaxing city.

    As one of the first parks of the small and micro businesses of Zhejiang, Haiyan Sci-tech Entrepreneurship Park in Wuyuan has constructed the sci-tech entrepreneurship chain “Maker’s Space-Incubator-Accelerator”, doubled the numbers of hi-tech enterprises and sci-tech small and medium enterprises, renewed in a real-time the database of hi-tech enterprises, provided “one for one” help for major enterprises and improved the service and guidance to boost the development of sci-tech enterprises.

    Good entrepreneurship environment benefits sci-tech enterprises. Nowadays, there are several industrial cluster districts in Haiyan such as 5G Communication Park, New-type Intelligent Display Technology City of the Yangtze River Delta and Nuclear Power Town. The county is endeavoring to improve industrial chains, and its development pattern has taken shape led by hi-tech industries and supported by traditional competitive industries, providing strong sci-tech support for local economic high-quality development.

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