Wang Jinliang’s Family Honored as the Most Beautiful Family at the State and Province Levels

  • Release date:2022-06-21  15:32
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  • According to the lists of “The Most Beautiful Family” at the state and province levels released respectively several days ago, Wang Jinliang’s family is in this two lists.

    Wang Jinliang is a chief expert of Haiyan Agricultural Technology Popularization Center and has worked on the agricultural technology popularization for 38 years. In 2018, he volunteered to go to work in Pingshan, a state-level poverty-stricken county of Sichuan province, to help local people overcome poverty at his age of 56 by upgrading local Yinhong Plum industry to modern agriculture. From then on, he has applied for extending his work in Pingshan or several times, helped more than 4,000 poverty-stricken families lift poverty, and increased farmers’ incomes of 93 million yuan, strongly promoting the development of local Yinhong Plum industry.

    Wang Jinliang’s family has four members: his mother, wife, daughter and he. In order to support his poverty-relief work in Pingshan, all family members encouraged him to work there and not to worry about the family. If they encountered difficulties, they would discuss through telephone and video together to settle them. His wife Ye Ping tried her best to be industrious and thrifty in managing the family and took good care of his old mother suffering from illness to support his poverty-relief work in Pingshan. Following his father, Wang Yefan, Wang Jinliang’s daughter, went to Pingshan as well to work in Pingshan Vocational Technology School as a volunteer in 2020. In addition, she also invited her students of this vocational school to participate in the vocational training in Haiyan in machinery, electronics, vehicle repairing, tourism development. Those students also participated in the package designing of agricultural products of Pingshan and e-commerce live streaming. All family members have worked hard for the cooperation between the east and west regions of the country to help the poverty-relief.

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