Efforts Made in Haiyan to Upgrade the Construction of National Civilized City

  • Release date:2022-06-20  15:31
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  • In 2021, Haiyan ranked 12th among 134 county-level civilized cities in the whole country, passed the annual evaluation with excellent result and ranked fourth among the county-level cities in Zhejiang and first in Jiaxing. In 2022, the county will accelerate the construction and renovation of urban roads and residential areas in bad conditions of main urban areas, as well as the improvement of public supporting facilities by taking ten actions; the county will further improve the traffic order, window-based service, market environment and living environment, carry out ideal and belief education and promote volunteerism-oriented activities to deepen the cultivation of civilized behavior. Next, the county will endeavor and take the initiative to upgrade the construction of a national civilized city to the construction of a national civilized model city.

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