A Series of Cultural Activities to Be Organized in Haiyan for the Coming Dragon Boat Festival

  • Release date:2022-06-02  12:34
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  • Various cultural activities are to be organized in Haiyan for the coming holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival 2022 to provide citizens and tourists with “sumptuous cultural meals” and opportunities to enjoy traditional customs concerning dragon boat competitions and zongzi.

    On the afternoon of June 3, a series of cultural activities of the Dragon Boat Festival 2022 will be organized in the South-north Lake Scenic Area. From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., tourists will be invited to enjoy various bingfen (a kind of snacks popular in summer), special wine fermented with osmanthus flowers and intangible culture heritages like repairing vats and urns and making rolling lanterns in the food markets and exhibition zones of cultural creative products and intangible culture heritages. From 3 p.m. of the day, tourists can also enjoy dragon dancing, Han Chinese Clothing Show, the exhibition and interaction of the customs on the dragon boat festival, and the performance of tumblers (a newly popular street performance art in Xi’an City, Shaanxi province ). During the holiday of this Dragon Boat Festival, nine dragon boat teams from each town (sub-district) of the county will race along 400-meter lanes to demonstrate the charm of the traditional dragon boat contests. In addition, tourists will have the opportunity to watch the mountain-sea-lake art performances on the gallery bridge of the Zhonghutang.

    During June 3 and 5, the Second Happiness Culture Festival of the Dragon Boat Festival of Wanghai Sub-district will take place in the Lotus Pond Scenic Area of Yongfu Community. This Festival is to organize parent-child garden parties, establish markets and theme scenes and exhibit cultural creative products. Tourists there will be able to learn how to make sachets and zongzi, catch lobsters with angles, throw arrows into wine pots (an ancient game in China), etc.

    On June 3, “Lawn Life 2022” will happen in the Jinxing Scenic Area in Wuyuan Sub-district. Tourists there will be able to appreciate a ballad concert and tea art performance, go shopping at the “Market under Camphor Trees”, experience open air life, etc.

    In Beituan, a village of Qinshan Sub-district, the morning of June 3 will see the opening of “Enjoying Dragon Boat Festival in Beituan----2022· ‘I Spend Dragon Boat Festival in Qinshan’”, which will be characterized by the Dragon Boat Festival of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and take the form of garden parties. Such activities will be organized for tourists as “Poem Contest” “Calamus Bouquets” “Orange Censers” “Dyeing Eggs with Plants” “Making Preserves-stuffed Zongzi” “Making Zongzi Paper” “Stabbing the Pictures of Five Poisonous Animals ” “Common Prosperity Fans” and “ Happy Family”. Also on that day tourists can attend the lectures on the development of the Dragon Boat Festival and carnivals of the Dragon Boat Festival, watch women’s making zongzi and learn how to make zongzi, draw pictures of reed leaves used for wrapping zongzi, make sachet DIY, dye eggs and ropes into different colors etc., in Fengyi Scenic Area of Tongyuan Township.

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