Haiyan’s Specific Health Service Action for the Aged Identified as a Pilot Project in Zhejiang

  • Release date:2022-06-16  15:30
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  • Several days ago, Zhejiang Health Commission and Zhejiang Finance Department issued and printed the “Implementation Plan of the Specific Health Service Action for the Aged of Zhejiang (2022-2025)”. According to the Plan, Haiyan is identified as a pilot county of the health service action for the aged.

    Without people’s health, there will be no moderate prosperity. In recent years, Haiyan has been attaching importance to people’s health and striving to build a people’s health-centered county, and its medical treatment and public health reform experience has been adopted nationwide such as the compensation mechanism reform of grassroots medical treatment and health institutions, the reform of the whole-process health management and tiered diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and diabetes, and the digital health service of the hypertension and diabetes.

    The county was identified as one of eight pilot regions in comprehensive reform of grassroots health work in 2021, and has made further innovation in capital input, management and operation mechanisms and service modes, and further contributed to the high-quality development of local health undertakings.

    In 2022, the county will implement five actions: “Brightness” “Delicacy” “Care for Those with Dementia” “Nutrition Improvement” and “Intelligent Aid to the Aged” and examine the fundus oculi for 3,000 old diabetics; make an early examination of cognitive functions and psychological health assessments of 9,600 persons of or over 65 years old and set up oral cavity files and nutrition monitoring files for them; develop at least three major digital health service apps and make available 80% of electric health files of the aged; the county will strive to build the health brands “Health of Zhejiang” and “Nutrition of Zhejiang” to make an active response to the aging of population and to the high-quality development and the construction of the model of common prosperity, according to the Plan.

    For the aged, the county will continue to implement people’s health-centered policies, make an early disease prevention and an early examination of eyesight, mouth health, cognitive functions and nutriture, establish a health assessment and function maintenance mechanism and improve the health management level with digital health service technologies to make steady progress in promoting basic public health service projects, from which an increasing number of people will benefit.

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