17 Market Entities of Haiyan Identified as Trustworthy Enterprises or Businesses of Jiaxing

  • Release date:2022-06-13  15:29
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  • The lists of the “Trustworthy Private Enterprise” and “Trustworthy Individual Business” 2020-2021 have been jointly released recently by the Civilization Office, Market Supervision and Management Bureau, Association of Private Enterprises and Association of Individual Laborers of Jiaxing. Haiyan’s 17 market entities have been identified as trustworthy private enterprises or individual businesses.

    After self-recommendation, assessment and public announcement, those 17 market entities have been identified as trustworthy private enterprises and individual businesses of 2020-2021, including seven private enterprises: Zhejiang Xinxing Tool Co., Ltd., Haiyan Huasheng Automobile Accessory Sci-tech Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kelu Nuclear Engineering Service Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Mingjia Environment Protection Sci-tech Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Kaixin Printing Co., Ltd., and ten individual businesses: Haiyan Zhangjiagang Haoyouduo Chain Supermarket in Liuli (Chen Xing), Jianming Commercial Firm of Xitangqiao (Chu Jianming), Lianfeng Forest Farm in Tongyuan (Xu Yueming), Dangdang Restaurant in Wuyuan (Ma Gaofeng), Hongxing Glasses Shop in Wuyuan (Jin Lvchang), Mingyang Wine Shop in Baibu (Zheng Xia), Chuangjia Computer Shops (Lu Weijia), Heitangtang Milk Tea Shop in Shendang (Shen Jiadong), Shengli Farm (Chen Bing), and Jiajiale Agricultural and Sideline Products Distribution Center (He Maoying).

    Recent yeas has witnessed Haiyan intensifying efforts to build a county with honest and trustworthy environment, inspire private enterprises and individual businesses to attach importance to honesty and trustworthiness to promote the high-quality development of private economy, strengthen the publicity of appraising honest and trustworthy units, encourage market entities to participate in the appraisal of the honest and trustworthy enterprises and businesses, and guide the market entities to behave in an honest and trustworthy way, improve their sense of trustworthiness, create trustworthy brands and shoulder social responsibility to make great contributions to building a model of common prosperity of the new era.

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