Haiyan to Build Tongyuan-Qinshan Intra-county Scenic Area as a “Common Prosperity Model”

  • Release date:2022-05-08  11:03
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  • Not long ago, the development plan of Tongyuan-Qinshan Intra-county Scenic Area as a “Common Prosperity Model” was approved by Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government. This scenic area is one of the two province-level examples to be built in Haiyan. Located in central-south of the county, it consists of some areas in Tongyuan and Qinshan and links five administrative villages: Fengyi, Xueshuigang, Fengshan, Beituan and Yongxing.

    Centering on the “revolutionary traditions, idyllic countryside and beautiful transformation”, relying on natural resources like mountains, pits, rivers, lakes, and rural scenery, and following the guidance of the Party building to integrate resources,  the Scenic Area will be built into a paradise with urban-rural balanced development, beautiful environment, perfect facilities, prosperous industries and common prosperity to complement individual parts with each other’s advantages to achieve a win-win target.

    With Fengyi Scenic Spot as the center the Scenic Area is linked by Wuyuan-Yuanhua Highway and Dongjiao Roads. The county has put forward “One theme for One village” improvement target and made five measures to settle existing problems.

    First, the quality of Party building will be improved to implement the common prosperity plan. Based on the principle of “Party building plus culture”, a theme park on good governance will be constructed to highlight the leading roles of Party members in good governance of rural areas. In the exploration of entrepreneurial models led by Party members, a series of exemplary greenhouses will be set up to showcase the history of development of the aloe professional cooperative and the new model in which village-based collective production factors become a shareholder of the professional cooperative. The Party’s engagement with the people will be further improved through the establishment of theory education bases and teenagers’ spiritual common prosperity, thus demonstrating an exemplary zone of the fusion of the Party and the people.

    Second, ecological environment will be comprehensively improved to promote the process of common prosperity. Facade of buildings along the village-level road from Fengyi to Xueshuigang will be elevated; more plants will be grown along the routes on the eastern suburbs of Fengyi; rivers and lakes will become more beautiful; villages will be surrounded by clear rivers and lakes; zero direct emission of paddy field water will be realized; the quality of the Yuehu Lake Greenway will be improved; the water quality of the Xinkai River and Jiangjiahe River of Beituan village will be enhance; garbage sorting and smart collecting and transporting will be promoted. All the above efforts aim to upgrade the ecological image of the Scenic Area.

    Third, a variety of industries will be introduced to create prosperity. Based on the characteristic resources of the Scenic Area, modern agricultural entities will be introduced. Projects like Ronghe Modern Agricultural Industry Park (Phase I) and Shanqianyuejiao Herbary will be constructed and put into operation. The  construction of Deep-Processing Industrial Park (Phase II) in the Agricultural Development Zone and Huyang Sheep Cultural Industry Park will be completed. Digital empowerment will be strengthened in industries; the digital system of breeding fish in rice fields will be established; the construction of Smart Agricultural Entrepreneurship Incubation Center and agricultural e-commerce parks will be quickened; and the digital agriculture system will be further improved to promote employment and increase farmers’ incomes.

    Fourth, tourism and culture are blended to help achieve common prosperity. Homestays in the Area will be upgraded, and will be run by professionals based on markets. Efforts will be made to improve the landscape of the Area, delve into agriculture civilization, introduce more facilities to enhance leisure time experience, and perfect road network and other public facilities to built the Scenic Area into an experience base of agricultural civilization, a place with functions of rural meeting rooms, a Maker Room for the young and a shared auditorium, etc.

    Fifth, various platforms will be shared to accumulate wealth. The Area will seize the opportunity of digital reform to build a smart governance platform. Efforts will be made to design a smart rural park, smart tea garden and other scenes according to local conditions to build a digital village laboratory and a future village that integrates security monitoring systems, digital village information, intelligent governance and digital production. Incorporating digital application and traditional tea production, the Area will develop an online and offline sales network and create green and pollution-free ecological organic tea production bases. Highlighting the “zero carbon” theme, the Scenic Area will promote the installation of photovoltaic power generation facilities to enrich the people and develop low-carbon economy.

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