A German Leading Mould Enterprise Attracted to Haiyan

  • Release date:2022-05-04  11:02
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  • A top-end automobile mould processing project was attracted from SF Tooling Group GmbH to Wanghai, a town of Haiyan county.

    With the headquarters in Laichingen, this tooling group is an advanced producer of die-casting mould in the world. Its wholly-owned subsidiary SF Tooling Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing and manufacturing large-duty tools and moulds and producing die casting items and the components of carbon fiber reinforced polymers. Its customers range from GM, Mercedes, Audi, BMW to Porsche. In 2021, this group was identified as an invisible leader of the top 500 enterprises of the world market by Economic Weekly of Germany.

    The project attracted to Haiyan this time is the first factory of this tooling group. It mainly produces Tesla’ s automobile moulds as well as the development, manufacturing and maintenance of high-pressure die casting moulds. It will create 100-million-yuan output value each year after its operation and approximately 900-yuan tax revenue in each square meter of land.

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