“Smart Power Plants” Constructed in Haiyan to Boost Green Development

  • Release date:2022-05-31  15:13
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  • Several days ago, the technological upgrading project of the Zhejiang Hengyang Pyroelectricity Co., Ltd. was included into the “Pilot Construction Scheme of New-type Electrical Power System of the ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ of Zhejiang” and “Pilot Projects of New-type Electrical Power System 2022 of Zhejiang” jointly released by the Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang and Energy Bureau of Zhejiang. In Zhejiang, there are three pilot projects of smart power plants released this time. The project of Zhejiang Hengyang is Jiaxing’s only one as a provincial pilot project of smart power plants.

    The smart power plant mainly uses information technologies to improve thermal power generating units, reduce the emission of carbons, and digitalize, automatize and intelligentize the whole process of power generating. This project of Zhejiang Hengyang is to make a real-time data collection and assess energy conservation, health condition, automatic input rate and safety of the main equipment in a real-time way, give alarms, upgrade the systems of the power plant through Internet, big data and cloud calculation to get the power plant’s production and operation safer, greener, smarter, more effective, environmentally friend and economical, and fully improve its production technologies and management level. With smart technologies, 7.8 grams of standard coal per kilowatt hour is expected to save, which will help to build an energy system characterized by clear energy and low carbon.

    Energy conservation and carbon emission reduction are important ways to achieve the targets of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutral”. As the main players of the energy conservation and carbon emission reduction, enterprises should make technological and managerial innovation to reduce costs and enhance efficiency to push ahead with green development.

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