EST Honored as a Provincial Benchmark Enterprise for Its Effective Management

  • Release date:2022-05-27  15:11
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  • Several days ago, Economy and Information Department of Zhejiang released the list of “Top 20 Benchmark Enterprises of Zhejiang for Effective Management 2020”. Haiyan’s EST was included in this honor list.

    Founded in 1990, EST is a national hi-tech enterprise producing concise sharp tools and supplies workmanship technologies. Over 30 years, this enterprise has strengthen its weak points built its characteristic corporate culture, and formed its management modes and management experience. This honor fully confirms its efforts to improve its management standards and quality. The company will further stimulate its zeal to make innovation in enterprise management and strive to reach the management standard of the world first-class enterprises to improve its management system.

    As a benchmark enterprise whose management is up to province-level standards, it should enjoy clear property rights, clear powers and responsibilities and good management performances, and economic and social benefits. What is more, its management should play a positive role as a driving force.

    In recent years, many local enterprises have been honored as star enterprises and built into bench mark enterprises. The county has issued “An Action Plan for Haiyan’s Enterprises to Reach Modern Management Standards (2021-2025)” to improve enterprises’ modern management. In 2021, 121 local enterprises above the designated size were honored as star enterprises, accounting for 17.7% of all the enterprises above the designated size.

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