Another Classic Rural Tourist Route to Be Operated in Haiyan

  • Release date:2022-05-24  11:40
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  • Ganpu Township (South-north Lake Scenic Area) has announced the general plan of a classic rural tourist route several days ago: Jinsu Temple - Fenghuang Mountain - Ancient Town - Chanyue Temple · Selenium-rich Land. With an estimated investment of 112 million yuan, this tourist route will be put into operation in the first ten days of this October. Along the route beautiful rural areas are ideal places for people to visit, live in and start up businesses there.

    This classic route will be built into a route, along which tourists can enjoy the culture concerning ancient villages, famous persons and health care; selenium-rich agriculture will be developed and future villages will be constructed. The route starts from the core (Gapu and Chayuan villages), extends to Xujiang, and Miaojia villages, then to the North City Gate of Ganpu Village (Receipt Center) , Cotton Cloth Exhibition Center of Ganpu, Bi Hongshu’s Former House and West City Wall, then along Wengjin Highway and Jia’nan Highway, turns to the Craftsman’s Workshop in Xujiang village, Baijiang Workshop, Nostalgic Gourmet Street, and then to the Future Community in Chayuan, Reception Center of Chayuan, Exhibition Park of Selenium-rich Agriculture and Jinli Temple and finally ends in Miaojia village, where tourists can visit the life areas and vegetable garden of the future village. The route runs 15 kilometers and the regions along the route covers an area of 3.1 square kilometers.

    In the general plan of this classic route, Ganpu Township will make full use of the traditional culture and history along this route, integrate local cultural and historical resources such as the sites of Ganpu City Wall, Zhou Xinbo’s Former House and Bi Hongshu’s Former House to  develop relevant culture industries and improve the village with rich culture of renowned persons.

    The selenium-rich industries in Ganpu are characteristic. In 2021, the selenium-rich region in Chayuan village was included into the first national list of selenium-rich land. In the construction of this classic route, Chayuan village will tap the existing Yunshangguang-a selenium-rich rice brand and Youpon Selenium-rich Fruits-picking Park to build a selenium-rich agricultural park and take a new economic growth road: developing “selenium-rich agriculture plus tourism” and “selenium-rich agriculture+health care”.

    Based on current natural resources like rivers, lakes, mountains and fields, this classic route will push ahead with the joint development of the local culture, tours to ancient villages and temples, selenium-rich agriculture and future villages, and integrate the development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. In the days to come, this village will further tap local culture, integrate agriculture and tourism resources to revitalize rural industries to make beautiful environment drive economic development and more villagers benefit from the development.

    This route is the sixth classic tourist route of Haiyan. The other five routes are “Landscapes of Lakes and Mountains · Five Flavored Villages” “Fengshan Yishui· Nostalgia” “Tour to Green Fields” “Idyllic Pastoral · Farming” “Ancient Village of Painting · Mountains and Rivers”.

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