Haiyan’s Three Regions Identified as Candidates of Provincial Future Villages

  • Release date:2022-05-20  11:39
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  • Several days ago, the second candidates of the future villages were announced by Agricultural and Rural Department of Zhejiang and the Special Office of the Urban and Rural Environment Improvement of Zhejiang. Haiyan’s three villages were included into these candidates: Chayuan, Beituan and Fengshan.

    Chayuan enjoys abundant natural resources and was included into the first national batch of  “Selenium-rich Land” in 2021. This village will develop “selenium-rich agriculture plus tourism” and “selenium-rich agriculture plus health care” and beautiful environment-based economy through the integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism. In order to construct a future village, this village will make full use of existing public space resources like squares, post houses and exhibition centers, connect venues and private houses, improve life facilities, make residents enjoy public services within their 10-minute walk and explore the construction of the villages located near urban areas to further boost urban-rural integration by establishing an effective mode of sharing urban and rural public resources.

    In recent years, Beituan has won such honors as “National Civilized Village” “National Village for Rural Improvement” “Provincial Science Popularity Village” and “Provincial Model Village for Moderate Prosperity”. Focusing on revolutionary culture, the culture of Party building   and the construction of new type countryside, this village has developed into a model village for rural revitalization and into a beautiful village characteristic of Jiangnan’s style and suitable for revolutionary tradition education, sight seeing, experiencing local culture.

    With profound culture, Fengshan will take the opportunity of the Party building and rural revitalization to build a common prosperity model village, which enjoys the TCM- oriented health care and integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in the support of local natural resources, human resources, industrial advantages, good environment and location and developed transportation network.

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