Haiyan Economic Development Zone Identified as Jiaxing’s Only Pilot Region of “Integration of Two Industries”

  • Release date:2022-05-19  11:38
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  • Several days ago, the list of the first pilot units of the integrated development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry was released. Haiyan Economic Development Zone was the only pilot region of seven units of the whole Jiaxing in this list.

    The deep integration of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry is called the “Integration of Two Industries”. As an enterprises’ representative of the “Integration of Two Industries”, the Yangtze River Delta Smart Port of Haiyan is engaged in smart logistics and top-end manufacturing. The former, made up of harbors, work zones of storage yards, river wharves and relevant service centers, will be built into a “sea-river” transfer hub and a harbor-oriented industry cluster district based on Hangzhou-Pinghu-Shanghai water transportation resources, the wharves of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal and harbors to further boost local economic development; the latter will be built into a harbor-oriented industrial manufacturing park and top-end smart equipment park near the river-based wharves to accelerate the development of the Yangtze River Delta Smart Port of Haiyan and its downstream enterprises, and the attraction of the harbor-oriented top-end equipment manufacturing enterprises conforming to local industrial development planning.

    The “Integration of Two Industries” is an important way to respond to the new-round sci-tech revolution and industrial revolution, strengthen the core competitiveness of manufacturing industries, establish modern industrial systems and achieve high-quality development. In recent years, Haiyan Economic Development Zone has vigorously developed digital economy, advanced manufacturing industries and strategic emerging industries, and has established an industrial system covering such industries as environment prevention, new materials, 5G technologies, top-end equipment manufacturing, harbor-oriented industries and logistics. The county has spared no effort to deepen the integration of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry, drive industries to move to the middle and top end of the value chain, strengthen self-independence and expedite the construction of controllable modern industry systems in the support of leading enterprises, smart factories and model enterprises of the “Integration of Two Industries”.

    In the days ahead, Haiyan Economic Development Zone will further improve coordination mechanisms, create a better integrated development environment, provide more construction land and favorable loan policies to attract more top-end human resources to push ahead with the  “Integration of Two Industries”, strengthen innovation and competitiveness of manufacturing industry and upgrade industries to inject new driving forces into local economic development.

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