Flexible Law Enforcement Conducted in Haiyan to Improve Business Environment

  • Release date:2022-05-16  11:37
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  • Haiyan County has been exploring flexible law enforcement to strongly support common prosperity, streamline administration, delegate power, improve regulation and upgrade services to better business environment.

    First, the county has created a law-based business environment in accordance with the flexible law enforcement. Since 2021, the county has conducted law-based administration, keep in mind inclusive and prudential regulation ideas and the idea that “the rule of law is the best business environment”, volunteer to strengthen the senses of services and responsibilities to make market entities feel warm and improve the business environment in all aspects. Through administrative guidance, warning and suggestions instead of compulsory means, the county has educated and guided market entities to observe laws and volunteer to correct their mistakes to settle such problems as preferring punishment to regulation, replacing regulation with punishment and conducting stiff law enforcement.

    Second, the county has made measures to implement the flexible law enforcement. In 2021, the county issued “Suggestions on Notifying Violators of Their Slightly Violating Commitment System (Trial)” not to punish those with slight unlawful act for the first time. The county has adhered to law-based supervision and regulation, paralleled punishments and errors, advocated honesty and trustworthiness, and avoided punishing market entities due to their slight violation of the commitment. In 2022 the county issued “Implementation Suggestions on Further Deepening Flexible Law Enforcement to Boost Common Prosperity” and two lists for the exemption from punishment and for the mitigation of punishment to boost the flexible law enforcement.

    Third, the county has strengthened the implementation of the flexible law enforcement system. The county has improved assessment and appraisal mechanisms, included the flexible law enforcement progress into the annual assessment of “Building a Law-based Haiyan” and into the leading agencies and officials’ achievements in legal construction and gave full play to the role of the assessment results to force all levels of administrative organizations of the law enforcement to conduct law-based administration and norm-based law enforcement. The county has intensified efforts to supervise the law enforcement, urge the departments concerned to fulfil their administrative management duties and strengthen ongoing and ex-post oversight of items so that the inclusive, cautious and flexible law enforcement can stimulate market vitality and law-based oversights and ensure proper management. More efforts shall be made to familiarize market entities with laws and regulations and strengthen oversights and managements.

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