Tours Thrived in Haiyan during Labor Day Holiday

  • Release date:2022-05-12  11:43
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  • During the holiday of the Labor Day this year, it was extremely fine. In this beautiful spring, tourists streamed into Haiyan’s tourist attractions and into the villages famous online. They came here to enjoy themselves in this charming county.

    Lots of tourists swarmed to the South-north Lake Scenic Area. Some of them walked around the lake in a leisurely way; some rode bikes, and some took photos. The vast rippling lake was dotted with tourist boats full of laughter. Those tourists could take a rest in the pavilions and on the bench, or enjoyed snacks in the attractive scenes. On the lawn, there were colorful tents and tourists losing themselves in the fabulous scene.

    In the holiday of this Labor Day, tourists to the South-north Scenic Area were limited. They had to make reservations and were asked to stagger busiest hours. The tourists were limited to 50% of the maximum reception capacity of this scenic area every day, so they must make reservations through the official account of WeChat of “Tour to South-north Lake” or App, and show their reservation QR codes before they entered the scenic area. In addition, tourists were asked to scan “Yanyi QR Code” and keep one meter away from each other in their trip.

    Some tourists walked to the beautiful countryside like Jinxing Scenic Area to appreciate the idyllic landscape in the fine weather; some had a barbecue with friends; some caught lobsters with angles near the pond, and some flew kites on the lawn.

    Camping is one of the most suitable outdoor activities in early summer. Based on the beautiful natural environment and characteristic tents, Jinxing village has built a high-quality campsite where tourists could live, cook, recreate, see films and have barbecues. Against beautiful landscapes, camping is more charming and interesting.

    In an Internet celebrity garden of Jixing village, there were various flowers like irises, roses and pincushions waving against spring wind. Tourists came here for enjoying flowers or the rest on the lawn. Due to the pandemic control, many local citizens chose to travel nearby, and the tour to beautiful countryside was their favorite. Such beautiful villages limited the number of their tourists in advance as Jinxing, Fengyi and Fengshan through tourism companies. The tourists had to demonstrate their Journey QR Codes, Health QR Codes and nucleic testing certificates before they entered the scenic areas to ensure tourists’ security.

    Besides, those villages organized various interesting activities and games for tourists to have a good time in this holiday.

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