Measures Made in Haiyan to Provide Goal-oriented Financing Service for Real Economy

  • Release date:2022-04-27  10:59
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  • In recent days, Haiyan County has issued various measures to make financing innovation and develop the first characteristic financing products in Zhejiang such as “Agricultural Greenhouses-mortgaged Loan” “Live Animals-mortgaged Loan” “Small Giant” and “Digital Loan” to meet enterprises’ needs and improve industrial chains with a view to serving economic entities more effectively.

    First, turn “dead assets ” into “live capital”. The county has issued Jiaxing’s first loan based on mortgaging agricultural greenhouses, cooperated with the People’s Bank of China to issue the mortgage loan based on live pigs, sheep, bulls and cows to meet enterprises’ needs of capital since breeding industries are characterized by high cost, slow returns and extreme difficulties in obtaining mortgage loans, cooperated with insurance companies to issue live animals-mortgaged insurance products and strengthened the cooperation among governments, banks and insurance companies to jointly shoulder potential risks arising from live animals-mortgaged loans.

    Second, give supports to “Little Giants”. The county has provided financing services for the cultivation and development of specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products. After visiting enterprises, making regular training, offering innovation service and low-interest loans, government departments and financing institutions have signed strategic cooperation agreements to integrate governments’ industrial funds, the re-loans of the People’s Bank of China, and credit support policies to plan to offer 10-billion-yuan line of credit to those specialized and sophisticated enterprises. In Zhejiang, this county issued the first “Little Giant Loan” for specialized and sophisticated enterprises and “Craftsman Loan” for those enterprises’ attracting professionals and experts.

    Third, improve the competitiveness of manufacturing. The county has issued the first “Digital Loan” in Zhejiang to support the construction of digit infrastructure and data resources, meet enterprises’ urgent demands for capital to achieve intelligent improvement; The county has established the “Administration Team” of digital economy, got to know enterprises’ needs of funds and their digital development and provided large-scale joint-review loan services to ensure the rapid application and effective management of “digit loans”.

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