Efforts Accelerated in Haiyan to Construct “Selenium-rich” Rural Quality Tourist Route

  • Release date:2022-12-09  15:06
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  • Recently, a recommendation campaign was held in Ganpu with theme of “Common Prosperity, Selenium-rich Produce” —— We Children Are Spokespersons of Ganpu. 34 students from two local primary schools served as spokespersons to introduce the characteristics of their hometown Ganpu and its rural quality tourist routine.

    Those students introduced local selenium-rich agricultural products such as tangerines, peaches and rice. This campaign was organized to familiarize others with local specialties, enhance the reputation of local selenium-rich products and popularity of its quality tourist routine.

    In Ganpu the “Selenium-rich” Rural Quality Tourist Route has been put into operation this year. With a length of about 15 kilometers and an investment of 112 million yuan, this route extends from Ganpu Village and Chayuan Village to Gandong Village and Lianxin Village and covers an area of 3.1 square kilometers. It is a charming tourist route, along which tourists can receive traditional cultural education, familiarize themselves with modern farming knowledge, experience nine scenes of the future countryside supported by digital knowledge, and enjoy such beautiful rural scenic spots as North Street, Workshop of Craftsmen Mr. Xu, Jinsu Temple, Future Rural Community of Xiaoweili, Entertainment Center of Miaolu, the ancient city door, Exhibition Park for Selenium-rich Agricultural Products and modern farms. Now the buildings of ancient Ganpu Town has been upgraded, and its former residences of famous persons like Nianyuan Garden, Residence of Zhou have been renovated.

    This quality rural tourist route integrates local culture, tours to ancient villages, future countryside construction, and selenium-rich agricultural development, and reflects the integration of three industries. Based on the improvement its landscapes, Ganpu will fully tap local cultures and integrate agriculture and tourism resources to boost the development of rural industries and beautiful environment-based economy to benefit more villagers.

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