Wuyuan Sub-district

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  • Located in the east of Haiyan and near the Hangzhou Bay, Wuyuan Sub-district is the seat of the People’s Government of Haiyan and the political, economic and cultural center of the county. With an area of 65.87 square kilometers and permanent residents of 184,878 (according to the seventh National Census), this sub-district has 17 communities (including one rural community) and eight administrative villages under its jurisdiction.

    In 2021, it achieved a GDP of 16.474 billion yuan and a general financial revenue of 1.37 billion yuan including a general budget revenue of 1.102 billion, and its per capita disposable incomes of urban and rural residents totaled 72,239 yuan and 45,326 yuan respectively.

    Wuyuan boasts lots of quality enterprises, industries and top-end talent, for example, there are 64 industrial enterprises above the designated size, four listed enterprises (Eversharp Tool,  Fsilon, Zhejiang Lianxiang Intelligent Furnishing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Haiyan Power System Resources Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.), two wholly-owned subsidiaries of the listed enterprises (Yupont Electric Power and Zhejiang Hanpu Power Technology Co., Ltd), three national enterprises as “little giants” that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products, two provincial invisible champion enterprises and one national champion demonstration manufacturing enterprise committed to producing a product.

    Established in 717, Wuyuan is an ancient city with splendid culture and a 1,300-year history. It is the hometown of Zhang Yuanji- the founder of Commercial Press, Zhang Youyi-a national industrialist, Zhang Leping- the creator of children’s comic strips of China and Yu Hua- a famous writer. Local residents are honest and kind and folk culture and art are rich, for example, it boasts famous Haiyan Opera, Rolling Lantern of Haiyan, Songs of Constructors of Seawalls.

    Wuyuan is a new coastal city. Located in the north core area of Greater Bay Area of the Hangzhou Bay, the New Costal Cultural and Tourism City of Wuyuan has a coastline of six kilometers and a planned area of about 13 square kilometers. It was approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as the only national green and ecological demonstration city in Zhejiang. As a crucial part of the urban areas of Haiyan, it serves as an important platform to propel the construction of the Greater Bay Area around the the Hangzhou Bay. Now the Costal International Resort of Haiyan is under rapid construction.

    Wuyuan is a culturally advanced city. It has been constructed into National Civilization City, National Health City, Garden City and Provincial 4A Scenic City. In 2021, its urban air quality rate reached 94%, and green coverage rate of the built-up urban areas reached 43.01%, so it won the collective award for its outstanding contributions to ecological governance during the period of the “13th Five-Year Plan”. 2021 is the 17th year for it to build a safe and harmonious social environment. At present, it is intensifying efforts to revitalize its ancient city by improving Qiyuan Garden, “eight parks” and moats, and supporting the Fish Scale-like Seawall to apply to be listed as a world cultural heritage site to build the urban central areas of the county seat of Haiyan into a “magnified version of Qiyuan Garden”.

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