Qinshan Sub-district

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  • Qinshan Sub-district is located on the north bank of the Hangzhou Bay. Emperor Qin Shihuang (the first emperor of China) once climbed the mountain here to watch the East China Sea during his tour, so this region was later named Qinshan (shan in Chinese means a mountain) and is well-known for it is the place where Qinshan Nuclear Power Station was constructed, the first nuclear power plant designed and established by the Chinese people. With a total area of 56.9 square kilometers and a permanent population of 30,800, this sub-district has five villages and seven communities under its jurisdiction and has been honored as a province-level Characteristic Town, High-tech Industrial Park, Innovation Development Zone for Modern Service Industry and Low-carbon Demonstration Town as well as a state-level Cult-free Demonstration Sub-district. In 2021, it achieved a GDP of 3.757 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 9.7%, and a general budget revenue of 234 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2%, and its per capita disposable income of rural residents totaled 42,385 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%.

    In recent years, this sub-district has been committed to developing nuclear power-related industries and high-end equipment manufacturing. Its Nuclear Power-related Industrial Park has been identified as a high-tech industrial park of Zhejiang, and its Nuclear Power Town of Haiyan as one of province-level characteristic towns. The sub-district has fully implemented the rural revitalization strategy and developed characteristic agriculture concerning vegetables, fruits and flowers, established a “Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone” and created a number of high-quality and beautiful rural tourism routes like Exploration in Wenxinwu, Visit to Farmers in Beituan and Watching Mountains, Rivers and Lakes in Fengyi. Yongxing has been awarded a National Model of Beautiful and Habitable Villages, and Beituan a National Culturally Advanced Village. Rural tourism is booming. Nuclear Power Sci-Tech Museum and Nuclear Power Town have been honored as a Grade 3A national scenic spots, and two quality tourism routes “A Tour to Beautiful Rural Areas” and “A Tour to Nuclear Power Science and Technology” have been put into operation. The sub-district boasts such intangible cultural heritages as “Rolling Lantern of Haiyan” and “Songs for Constructors of Seawalls”. Now efforts are being made in Qinshan to build an isotope production base, a training base for nuclear power talent, a big data base for nuclear industries, and a clean energy demonstration base, a zone for nuclear power industries and a demonstration area for military-civilian integration.

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